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Plot: Baccano! or ruckus for those who do not speak Italian, uses nonlinear narration to tell three, four, five interwoven  Depression Era gangster tales all about a rowdy dirty dozen or so bootleggers, mobsters,  immortals, and of course Isaac and Miria, the two goofiest goobers and so best thieves ever.

Verdict: Like  a lot  of people who do this on the internet I like Baccano!, I like it a lot. The strength is just how fun and deeply inventive both the situations and the characters in them are, but mostly the characters. This really is all about the, their arcs as people, and at times their ideals clashing with each other and the world around them. This really is nothing but what the name says: a violent party of gangster romp, oh and it Tarentino violent, but maybe that is why it is so refreshing. It’s well made with a great cast and a great score to get you in the mood. If you’ve been looking for a cartoon not about crude Family Guys or high school moe da-rama, this is what you need.

Facts: A 12 half-hour episode, 15 if the OVA’s are counted, series; it ends, but then it keeps going. It is based on a series of light, pulp fiction, novels that go well into the present day with its cast. The show Durarara!! takes place in the same continuity and world as Baccano!, but more on that later. It is Funimation and contains most of their lesser known ensembles. The standouts are Michael J. Tantum, Catlin Glass, and Brina Palencia. Did I mention the score is great (see above)?

Justice (where the series is unfortunately hit and miss)

Bechtel-Sarkessian Test: It kind of does…

(Isaac and Miria help Eve Genoard become closer to her family divided by riches, by taking said riches. She agrees to the plan because they are so jovial and genial about it.)

(Isaac and Miria get Ennis to break out of her awkward shell.)

(There is also overall a good mix between the sexes.)

Better than Star Wars: Not really, there are black characters, but they are possessive nouns: Eve's housekeeper and the President's (of the newspaper the Daily Days) assistant: Elean Duga (pictured). Though it makes sense given that it is meant to be a period piece, and the period in question is the Depression, I feel like there could have been a way to make this and the above work considering some of the below.
(Elean Duga, picture says it all.)

Die Hard Test: Nobody in the main cast dies…

Awkward Angle Syndrome: None here.

Suck it Disney: This is where the show soars.

(Here is the proof that hilarity is not just a man thing. Miriam and Isaac, every time they are on screen it is a treat...)


(Here is the proof that a woman does not have to be perfect looking to be a lead: Nice Holystone, plainspoken explosives expert.)

(Everyone is hard on Jacuzzi Splot for being squeamish and paranoid, but he goes through the most growth...)

(...and probably would not have become such a strong leader without his squeamishness...)

(…also he and Nice are a great couple for all the right reasons.)

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