Friday, December 14, 2012

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Manga (and Brotherhood Anime)

Plot: Two young gifted wizards--I mean alchemists--try and use their scientific sorcery to bring back their mother. Things fall apart. To get their bodies back (completely in the case of young Alphonse and merely a few limbs in the case older Edward), they get in over their heads in the ranks of the state military, and eventually in a grandeose epic best describe as what if the basic plot of Star Wars took place in the Harry Potter universe and the censors were turned off.

Verdict: This may be nothing but shounen, every frame of the ending has the theme of friendship is magic, but sometimes a good cup of shounen tea, in this case a great--if violent--cup of shounen tea, is a good cup of shounen tea. Give it a watch when you are feeling sad and depressed.

Facts: 27-volume 101 chapter manga, 64 half-hour episodes and a movie length mini-story. The author of the original manga is Ms. Hiromu Arakawa. Notable voices include Chris Sabat and Vic Mignogna.

Justice in the Show

Bechtel-Sarkeesian Test: Passed more than shown (it is a big ensamble cast actually).

(Lt. Riza Hawkeye and Winry Rockbell discuss over tea)

(Lan Fan and May Chang prepare to fight over political differences)

(Winry adores Peninya's automail)

Better than Star Wars: Passed more than shown (again large well developed cast).

(And more...)

The Die Hard Test: Pass (take a moment to cry for SPOILER WARNING)

Low Angle Syndrome: Yes, there is some on four occasions for two characters, but only two of these four took away from the tone. These are minor blips, though...

Suck it Disney: Passed fairly well...


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