Friday, December 14, 2012

Reviews Overview/Introduction

I am a Mahou Shounen, a wizard-warrior of justice, and that is how I review--for justice. Call me corny, call me cheesy  hammy and a thousand other things, but this world needs a bit of old fashioned justice promotion in it. Not many I know do it.

Anyway, my reviews will take the following form. After giving a quip or two about the series as a whole, I will use pictures to show you if they pass the following tests:
  • The Bechtel-Sarkeesian Test: 
    • Two or more named women in it
      • Who Talk/do something with each other
      • About more than just a man/boy
      • For a minute or more
  • The Die Hard Test:
    • The first main character to 
      • die
      • go crazy
      • turn evil is 
        • Not black,
        • Not gay
        • And not transsexual
  • Better than Star Wars: 
    • There is more than one black man in the story
    •  There is more than one white women in the story
  • Suck it Disney:
    • There are older and or deformed women in the story who are not evil
    • There are feminine and or not macho men in the story who are not evil
  • Low Angle Syndrome: 
    • There is fan-service and it is gratuitous and or unnecessary and or detracts from the tone and plot.
I will be reviewing mostly anime/manga, but other stuff may appear as I see it. Enjoy.

PS Yes, if I have time, I will mention key actors, directors/authors/main artist involve, studio and plot, but to keep these focused on the justice side of the art, it will all be brief. Oh, and given the pictorial nature of these posts, though I will do all I can to avoid it: SPOILER WARNING is always in effect, also on the links, they are to more information if you would like it.

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