Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dream of Spring; Why Game of Thrones is Actually Great

The following are the social and literary criticisms and advocacy of a straight white cisgendered rich athletic (now) socially apt American Christian man on a live action television series he hardly watches based on a series of books he has read even less of. The lack of qualifications he has to be making any even psuedo-intersectional eco-womanist critiques and advocacy of anything Song of Ice and Fire are dwarfed only by his lack of literary credentials to talk about them. He is doing this because, in addition to being passionate about anime/animation and comics/manga, he is passionate genre fiction and the communities built around them.

We are the stories we tell. A Song of Ice and Fire, and its television adaptation, Game of Thrones happen to be good ones. Seriously though, linked below are a lot more people way more qualified and better at doing this than me. Please laud and promote them first, debating me is good enough. Note also before we go on, I am not going to be discussing the gratuity with which these series fanserve the Male Gaze, essentially forcing most all of the women acting in them into de facto not prostitution; or its incredibly white supremacist plot threads and casting. Others, see the sites below, have done that far better than I ever could. Oh, and it goes without saying, spoilers for both series are inbound.


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