Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm Back

Coming out of retirement blogging. This is because I am passionate about intersectional social justice and as well as art and literature. I want to talk about my favorite forms of art, anime/animation and manga/comics, in ways that I see few others doing so. The stories I have been told, along with some very good friends and family, have helped shaped me into the person I am today. As the heroes in anime and comics fight to for justice and ideals with enthusiasm in their world's, they drive me to do the same. "Focus not on what you are escaping from, but what you are escaping to." (Michael Chabon).

Anyway, I will be making a point to post something I have been working on once daily at around this time for the next few weeks on multiple social mediums. Feel free to share, comment, debate back, and please send me edits. Everything I post is technically a draft of something I would not mind submitting to be published later (hence everything is going to be a PDF with my name in it). Yes, given that I will revise posts. Note also that if you comment and or want to debate, or help me edit live, I will try to make a point for the next few weeks to be online for discussion and editing every weeknight (Sunday-Thursday) at 8pm PST. Message me on one of the mediums I post on if interested in having a chat.

Anyway, see you online.

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